Final Submission of Papers

Papers that have been accepted for ACE2017 need to be revised and resubmitted for publication in the proceedings.

Your paper must be resubmitted before the deadline, however, the chairs have a great deal of checking to do on each paper after its submission, so earlier resubmissions will be greatly appreciated.

Here are the things that authors are required to do before resubmitting the paper:

  1. Restore any references and descriptions that were removed to ensure the integrity of the blind review process.
  2. Give careful consideration to every comment from every reviewer, and see how the comments can assist you to improve the paper. If the comments suggest further analysis, do what you can to incorporate that analysis in the three weeks that are available.
  3. Compile a list of the reviewers' recommendations, adding to each a brief indication of how you have done what was suggested or why you haven't. Note that failure to adequately address the reviewers' feedback may result in your paper's acceptance being withdrawn.
  4. Have the final paper read carefully by somebody who was not involved in its writing and who is good with written English. There is no excuse for submitting a paper that has poor expression, grammar, spelling, or punctuation.
  5. After completing the rights management form, you will be emailed the correct rights management text and bibliographic strip to place within your paper. This text must be entered into your paper.
  6. Ensure that the paper is formatted according to the ACM SIG requirements at Common formatting errors are:
    1. copyright footnote missing or not set out as in the templates;
    2. wrong page size, margins, or column size;
    3. wrong fonts or typesizes;
    4. wrong style for heading or subheadings;
    5. wrong style for captions;
    6. figures too small to be clearly read;
    7. figures that read fine in colour but not in greyscale;
    8. references not in "ACM Reference format" (see the template);
    9. paper prepared as A4 but converted to US Letter by your pdf writer.
  7. In the EasyChair site for the conference (, select 'Paper', then 'Submit a new version'. You will be required to submit the new paper in pdf form.
  8. Email the program chairs ( your responses to the reviewers' recommendations as either a pdf document, a Word document, or a text file, clearly identified with the subject "ACE2017 Response to Reviewers' Feedback - Paper XX". Replace XX with your paper number.

Registration for the ACSW

Ensure that at least one author of the paper is registered to attend the ACSW. Nominate that you will be attending ACE as part of the ACSW. Papers not presented at ACE will be withdrawn from the proceedings. The deadline for author registration is 11th November 2016. Please see the ACSW site for registration.

Presentations at ACE

Presentations slots are 20min long with 15min for speaking and 5min question time. Details of facilities should be available on the ACSW site.

We look forward to seeing you at ACE2017!


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