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Twentieth Australasian Computing Education Conference

About ACE2018

The Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE) is a conference on research and innovation in computing education in its various aspects, at all levels and in all contexts. ACE is the only Australasian conference devoted entirely to education in Computing. To keep up with all the latest news about ACE, join the ACE Facebook group.

ACE is held in conjunction with Australasian Computer Science Week (ACSW). ACSW 2018 arranges the venues and registrations for all ACSW 2018 conferences.

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Full Papers due in









Abstracts due Sun 10 Sept 23:59 AEDT
Full papers due Sun 17 Sept 23:59 AEDT

Call for Abstracts and Papers

The Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE) is a conference on research and innovation in computing education in its various aspects, at all levels and in all contexts. Topics of interest for the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • the use of technology in computing education;
  • course content;
  • curriculum structure;
  • methods of assessment;
  • mobile, flexible, online learning and
  • evaluations of alternative approaches.

The ACE2018 chairs invite abstracts for full papers, by Sunday 10th September, 2017. Full papers are due Sunday 17th September, 2017.

Papers on research and innovations may be in the context of formal courses or self-directed learning; they may involve, for example, introductory programming, service courses, capstone courses, specialist undergraduate or postgraduate topics, and industry-related short courses. We welcome submissions directed at issues of current and local importance, as well as topics of international interest. Such topics may include transition from school to university, articulation between vocational and university education, quality management in teaching, teaching people from other cultures, globalisation, attracting and retaining female students, online, mobile and blended learning.

The Program Committee will select the papers to appear based on their potential to enhance learning outcomes in computing courses. All papers will be fully refereed using a double blind reviewing process. If a paper is co-authored by one of the chairs, the review process for that paper will be managed entirely by the other chair. Papers must be between 5 and 10 pages long. For detailed instructions on the required format, see the Paper Submissions page. ACE proceedings will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

Student Papers

Student authors may be eligible for a CORE Student Research award.

To qualify as a student paper,

  • the major contribution must be made by a student author, who must be listed as first author; and
  • at the time of submission, the authors must indicate that their paper is to be classified as a student paper, and provide a letter of confirmation from the student's supervisor or Head of Department by email to the conference chairs.

Paper Submission

Papers are to be submitted via the ACE2018 Easychair Submission Site, and will be reviewed by a minimum of three members of the program committee.

Submission of papers will be managed through EasyChair, http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ace2018, a comprehensive conference paper management system. First create your own account there then login and follow the prompts to submit your anonymous paper for double blind reviewing. If there are any issues with submission, please email ace2018@easychair.org

Papers must be in English and must be original contributions that have not been published previously, nor submitted to other conferences or journals in parallel with this conference.

Papers must be between 5 and 10 pages long. Papers are required to conform to the formatting guidelines of the ACM Conference paper guides - templates can be found at ACM SIG Proceedings Templates. The accepted format for submissions is Portable Document Format (PDF). Microsoft Word and LateX template files are available at the website link above.

By submitting to the conference, authors accept that they are aware of the Guidelines on Research Practice in Computer Science by the Computer Research and Education Association (CORE). In particular, authors are encouraged to review the points on authorship.

Please review the Guidelines for authors on this site, before submitting.


Double-blind reviewing requirements and Registration

Double Blind Reviewing requirements: It is standard practice that identities of reviewers are not made known to authors. The double-blind review process extends this principle so that reviewers do not know the identity of authors. This process requires authors to refrain from identifying themselves in their own paper. Below are some guidelines for anonymising your paper.

  • In place of the usual author and address details, put "Author details suppressed" or something equivalent. Where there are more than three authors contributing to a paper, limit the number of author spaces to three in the anonymised version.
  • Refrain from references to your university or campus by name. If you feel that a description of your university is in some way salient to the paper, use generalities. For example, use "our University" instead of "Maintown University of Technology".
  • Avoid expressions like "In earlier work we ..." followed by a citation of a paper authored by yourself.
  • If you have an acknowledgements section, omit it for the blind submission.
  • Do not link to webpages in your anonymised paper.
  • Once you have a pdf copy of your paper, see how well it is blinded. Some PDF creation software includes document properties such as the author name or institution. Some operating systems will show such document properties in the PDF File properties. Be especially careful to disguise or remove these properties.

In general, apply good judgement when preparing your submission, to maintain the integrity of the double-blind process. Submissions that allow the author to be identified may be returned to you for editing at short notice, or may be rejected outright.

Registration for ACSW: At least one author of an accepted paper must be registered to attend ACSW. You will need to nominate who will be attending ACE and presenting the paper as part of ACSW, should your paper be accepted. Papers not presented at ACE will be withdrawn from the proceedings. The deadline for author registration is 11th November 2016. Please see the ACSW site for registration.

Important Dates

Event Closing Date
Submission of abstracts Sunday 10th September, 2017
Final submission of full papers deadline Sunday 17th September, 2017
Author notification Monday 6th November, 2017
Early-bird registration ends TBA
Author registration TBA
Author camera-ready deadline Sunday 27th November, 2017
Australasian Computer Science Week Monday 29th January - Friday 2nd February 2018

Program Committee

Meet our committee

Raina Mason


Southern Cross University, Australia



University of Newcastle, Australia

Brad Alexander

University of Adelaide, Australia

David J Barnes

University of Kent, UK

Matt Butler

Monash University, Australia

Andrew Cain

Deakin University, Australia

Alison Clear

Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Tony Clear

AUT University, New Zealand

Jo Coldwell-Neilson

Deakin University, Australia

Michael de Raadt

Canberra Grammar School, Australia

Julian Dermoudy

University of Tasmania, Australia

Katrina Falkner

University of Adelaide, Australia

Nickolas Falkner

University of Adelaide, Australia

Joy Gasson

Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand

Margaret Hamilton

RMIT University, Australia

Nicole Herbert

University of Tasmania, Australia

John Hurst

Monash University, Australia

Chris Johnson

Australian National University, Australia

Andrew Luxton-Reilly

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Chris McDonald

University of Western Australia, Australia

Trina Myers

James Cook University, Australia

Claudia Ott

University of Otago, New Zealand

Dale Parsons

Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand

Arnold Pears

Uppsala University, Sweden

Andrew Petersen

University of Toronto, Canada

Julia Prior

University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Mali Senapathi

Auckland University of Technology, NZ

Carolyn Seton

Southern Cross University, Australia

Judithe Sheard

Monash University, Australia

Claudia Szabo

University of Adelaide, Australia

Donna Teague

QUT, Australia

Sven Venema

Griffith University, Australia

Previous ACE Conferences

Conference Location Chairs Proceedings
ACE2017 Geelong, Victoria, Australia Donna Teague and Raina Mason Website
ACE2016 Canberra, ACT, Australia Katrina Falkner and Donna Teague Website
ACE2015 Sydney, NSW, Australia Daryl D'Souza and Katrina Falkner Website
ACE2014 Auckland, New Zealand Jacqueline Whalley and Daryl D'Souza Website
ACE2013 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Angela Carbone and Jacqueline Whalley Website
ACE2012 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Michael de Raadt and Angela Carbone Website
ACE2011 Perth, W.A. Australia John Hamer and Michael de Raadt Website
ACE2010 Brisbane, QLD Australia Tony Clear and John Hamer Website
ACE2009 Wellington, New Zealand Margaret Hamilton and Tony Clear Website
ACE2008 Wollongong, NSW Australia Simon and Margaret Hamilton  
ACE2007 Ballarat, VIC Australia Samuel Mann and Simon  
ACE2006 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Denise Tolhurst and Samuel Mann  
ACE2005 Newcastle, NSW Australia Alison Young and Denise Tolhurst  
ACE2004 Dunedin, New Zealand Raymond Lister and Alison Young Website
ACE2003 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia Tony Greening and Raymond Lister Website
  (Shifted from mid-year to January, joined ACSW)  
ACE2001   (Planned but not held)  
ACE2000 Melbourne, VIC Australia Judy Sheard and Dianne Hagan  
ACE1999   (Planned but not held)  
ACE1998 Brisbane, QLD Australia Paul Strooper and David Carrington  
ACE1997 Melbourne, VIC Australia John Hurst and Harald Søndergaard  
ACE1996 Sydney, NSW Australia John Rosenberg and Alan Fekete  

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